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How to arrange for a username and password for access to Sharepoint for users who are not members of the University. This is the method we support in the Medical Sciences Division as the most secure and efficient route for external collaborators.

Note: These instructions are for our ON-PREMISE SHAREPOINT site. For Teams and OneDrive guest access is enabled by using the guest's email address. In OneDrive use the option available in sharing. In Teams, a Team owner can enable guest access.

1. Apply for a Virtual Access Card

  • Contact your HR department to apply for a Virtual Access Card for the user. 
  • There are details and an application form on the University Admin site  but your HR department should know what to do.
  • In due course the HR department should receive a letter with details of a Single Sign On account for the user. This will be an SSO username and an activation code.
  • Ask the HR department to send this on to you.

2. Send the username to IT Services Helpdesk

  • Send an email to
  • The subject should read 'Sharepoint visibility for the following usernames'
  • The body of the email should contain the username (and any other greeting you care to send)
  • They will let you know when the user is added to Sharepoint
  • at that point you can add them to the relevant access groups

3. Send the letter to the user

  • The letter should contain all the information the user needs to activate the account, so send this on to them
  • You may want to email or phone the user to confirm that they have all they need and nudge them to act before the expiry of the activation code
  • The user will find the link for activating the account at
  • If they forget their password or fail to update it, all the relevant links are at, so send them there if they have problems (this is when all the paperwork becomes worth your while)

4. Set a reminder

  • Virtual Access Cards expire after a year, but are easily renewed with help from HR
  • Your user will be reminded if they have supplied an email address (but they will probably ignore this)
  • Put a reminder in your diary for next year (as no one else will remember and it saves time to be proactive)