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This shows you how to use Google Analytics to find out how many site visitors click links on your carousel. There are different methods for tracking external and internal links.

Slides linking to an external site

You can use event tracking to track clicks to external sites.

Events tracking: external links

 Google analytics screenshot

From the menu on the left of the screen select:

  1. Behavior
  2. Events
  3. Overview

And from Event Category:

  1. External


 Google analytics screenshot

Select Event Label


 Google analytics screenshot

 You will see a list of all the external links on your site that site visitors have clicked.

Add the page the link is on to your stats

 Google analytics screenshot

To see the page the clicked link is on:

  1. Click Secondary dimension
  2. Select Page



You can scroll through the results to find the items on your homepage.

Note: If you have the link in more than one location on the homepage you won’t be able to tell which of the links was used.

Restrict the listing to your homepage

 Google analytics screenshot

To restrict the listing to the homepage:

  1. Click Advanced

Create two dimensions with the values as shown in the screenshot:

  1. Exclude  Page  Matching RegExp   ./
  2. Include   Page  Matching RegExp   /$
  3. Click Apply

 Google analytics screenshot

You will now only see the homepage external links that have been clicked.

Create a custom report

 Google analytics screenshot

You can save this as a custom report so that you don’t have to enter the details every time you want to check your homepage external link clicks.

  1. Click Save
  2. Give your report a name
  3. Click OK


 Google analytics screenshot

You will see the saved report in your Custom Reports area.

Note: to see the link web addresses in the report click External (under the Event Category heading) and then Link (under the Event Action heading).

Slides linking to internal pages

Event tracking only works for external links, documents and email links.

To track internal pages you need to start at the page you are linking to and see where your visitors are coming from.  

 Google analytics screenshot

Go to the page you are linking to from your slide. One way to do this is to select: 

  1. Behavior
  2. Site Content
  3. All Pages

and then:

  1. Search for your page


 Google analytics screenshot


  1. Secondary dimension
  2. Previous Page Path


Google analytics screenshot

You can now see which clicks came from your homepage.

Note: If you have the link in more than one location on the homepage you won’t be able to tell which of the links was used.

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