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You can configure parts of your site from the Site Setup page.

To go to the Site Setup page click your name on the right of the editing toolbar at the top of the screen and select Site Setup. You will see the following options:

Site | Users and Groups | Commenting | Cookie Law | Dashboard | Haiku Altmetrics | Haiku Logging | Haiku Social Sharing | ORA profiles | Publications | Redirection and Aliases | Site Config | Site footer | Site information | Symplectic browser | Themes

Screen shot of the Haiku site set up options


This list outlines where in the Site Setup options you can configure parts of your site.

Where do I?Site set up option

Add Google Analytics code

Haiku Analytics (to get the code snippet for your site see:

Change the title of the site in the browser window

 Site - Site Title

Control Blog commenting options


Change the Cookie banner text

Cookie law

Find details of remote profiles that aren’t synching


Find details of duplicate publications


Find out how many publications are on your website

Symplectic browser

Change which publication source in Symplectic is the default display


Receive an email notification about the Symplectic publicatons sync


Configure Altmetrics options

Haiku Altmetric

Configure social media settings

Haiku Social Sharing

Change the colour scheme of the site


Change the logos in the header

Site information

Add logos to the footer

Site footer - Logo folder path

Add / Edit links in the footer

Site footer - Footer navigation

See all the redirects and aliases on the site

Redirection and Aliases

Remove users from the website

Users and groups