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Image measurements and standard sizes.

Measuring an Image

Because you are providing images for a screen rather than a printer you only need to worry about image size in pixels (the tiny dots that make up an image on a screen). 

Standard Haiku Size

It is best to upload an image 1150 pixels wide.

This will ensure that the image works on all screens and all layouts.

You may also need to take the height of the image into consideration as there are some standard Haiku proportions for images.

Proportions Width Height
16x9 1150 647
16x5 1150 360

Fixed Haiku Images

If you use the media tab to upload an image to the top of a page or supply images to a slideshow, then make sure that the image is of the standard Haiku size

Images inserted into text

If you insert an image into text then you can use a smaller image if you like.

You have a choice of widths when you insert, so you can then choose a smaller width, but note:

  • try to be consistent by using the same width for all images on the page.
  • the image height will be cropped if it is more than twice the width.

Making a smaller Image bigger

An image you take from another web page may well be quite small - it isn't really possible to make this kind of image bigger. 

Pixels are the basic building block of an image, so if you ask a computer to make an image wider in pixels it will just have to have a go at adding more pixels in. This usually doesn't work particularly well as computers aren't particularly artistic.  

Making a bigger image smaller

Haiku will accept a much bigger image than 1150 pixels wide and if you are using a photograph from a digital camera then it is likely to be much larger. The more pixels there are in total, the bigger the size of the file containing the image. 

In this case you might want to prepare the image by reducing its dimensions first using an image editor - you will then avoid the Haiku 5MB restriction for uploading.

Further Information

There are a number of tutorials on image sizing and dimensions on