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Publications feed to Haiku websites from Symplectic.

Information for Researchers

The publications feed from Symplectic to your profile is updated overnight. If you don't want a publication to appear on the website you will need to hide it in Symplectic.

If your publications haven't appeared on your profile 24 hours after they have been entered on Symplectic please contact the editor in chief for your site (normally your department's communications officer if your department has one). If you have any problems identifying your editor in chief please email

Information for Editors in chief

If there are missing publications on your site you should check that the publications have been claimed correctly and are not hidden in Symplectic. If all details are correct you should raise a ticket on the Haiku helpdesk including information about the missing publications.

If a publication needs to appear on your website urgently you can request a manual sync. Details of how to do this are in the Symplectic setup guide linked to below. Please note that your sync request will be put in a queue and is unlikely to be instantaneous. This should only be done in urgent cases as multiple requests from users can place a heavy load on the Symplectic servers.