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Why we work with SME's

Driving innovation

The University of Oxford is committed to driving innovation and we actively seek and support collaboration with innovative, high-growth companies of all sizes.

Local, national and global outlooks

The University encourages collaboration that is aligned with the national industrial strategy and contributes to both local and national economic growth and to the growth of a highly skilled workforce. We also look to engage with highly innovative companies on a global scale where research challenges require international efforts.

How we work with SME's

A long-term view

We aim to form mutually beneficial and long-term relationships as your company continues to grow and we encourage flexible and innovative ways of working together.

Enabling connections

Networking events, like the AIMdays, are one of the ways in which we aim to convene communities around divisional research theme priorities. If you are interested in being kept up to date on upcoming networking events in relevant themes, please get in touch.

We will work with you to understand your research focus and to facilitate introduction to the appropriate academic group. We can liaise with all relevant internal departments to offer a single point of contact during early discussion through to contractual negotiations.