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Researcher using laptop with microscope in the background

The Oxford-BMS Fellowship Programme is on pause for 2022/23.

Details of future competitions will appear here. 

Application Process Summary 

Each year when the call for Fellowships opens, we run a number of information sessions for you to find out how to apply for an Oxford-BMS Fellowship. We will talk you through the background to the Fellowships scheme, give details about BMS areas of interest, explain the application process and end with a Q&A session.

Unique to this programme as part of the application process, all applicants have the opportunity to discuss their proposals with BMS scientists to get feedback on the alignment of the science with BMS's internal priorities. These meetings are set up virtually each year and we highly recommend taking this opportunity as past applicants have found the discussions extremely useful and stimulating.

The call for Fellowship project proposals is a two stage process: 

  1. Pre-application stage - submission of a short proposal which is shared with BMS scientists and forms the basis for a virtual meeting with BMS to discuss the project idea and alignment with BMS priorities. From this stage applicants receive feedback to guide and application if this is recommended. 
  2. Full stage application - submission of a 4 page project proposal 

Principle Investigators can apply for fellowship funding to support clinical or research scientists who are committed to translational science and interested in obtaining experience with drug development in an industrial setting.

Fellowship applications may include a named fellow, but this is not mandatory.

Fellowships are 3-year positions, supervised and mentored by Oxford Principle Investigators and BMS Scientists.

The proposed fellowship needs to align with BMS’s fields of interest - which are listed on the Internal Funding Directory pages. 

More information on how to apply