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The Business Partnerships Office has helped establish and manage a number of fellowships funded by industry partners. Each has a particular focus and offers specific opportunities to engage with the partner institution. For more information explore these pages, or contact a member of our team.


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Bristol Myers Squibb in partnership with Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division has co-developed and provided support for a Translational Research Fellowship Programme. The goals of this scheme are to stimulate new scientific discovery and translation and to facilitate skills transfer between researchers in academia and industry. Find out more.

Hannah Chen'It’s been great to be so well-supported so that when I needed to use new technologies that are both demanding on the scientist and expensive, there has been nothing holding me back.' - Hannah Chen, Oxford-Celgene Fellow




The Oxford-UCB Prize Fellowship supports outstanding researchers and clinicians in the early stages of their career at the University of Oxford. The Fellowship combines scientific excellence with the opportunity to make a significant difference for patients. It provides unique career development opportunities in both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as offering outstanding mentorship both at Oxford and UCB. Find out more

Stephanie Dakin.jpg'Engaging with a leading pharmaceutical company provides great insight into how the industry operates. The Fellowship also provides the opportunity to visit and work in UCB's laboratories and forge new collaborations.' - Stephanie Dakin, Oxford-UCB Fellow




Elysium Health’s mission is to solve the biggest challenges in health with science, to help people live healthier, longer lives. Working directly with the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, Elysium Health translates advances in science and technology into effective, scientifically-sound products that help people manage their health in an actionable way. This prestigious award includes 3 year’s salary as well as generous consumables and travel budget and includes a £10,000 prize to be used towards the fellow’s professional development. Find out more.

Headshot of Hanlin Zhang'Collaboration with industry is a great way for scientists to translate their discoveries with the help of experts while keeping their own interests in basic science.' - Hanlin Zhang, Oxford Elysium Fellow




The Novo Nordisk Fellowship programme supports the development of a new generation of exceptional young diabetes researchers who will become future leaders in the field. It aims to foster scientific excellence within diabetes research, and ultimately improve the lives of patients. As part of this fellowship programme we are currently recruiting four postdoctoral research fellows and one clinical research training fellow. Find out more


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