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Your University Card, commonly known as the “Bod card” (after the Bodleian Library) is your ID card around Oxford University.

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About your University Card

You will require a University Card for:

  • admission to the Bodleian Libraries and other University libraries;
  • to use IT services;
  • to use the Language Centre;
  • as a payment card in some colleges and departments;
  • to enter buildings with swipe-card/contactless access control; and
  • as an identity card when on college or University premises.

Also, many businesses in Oxford will accept a University Card as eligibility for student discounts. 

Applying for a University Card

You will need to complete an application form in order to obtain a University Card. This form will be available from your company HR or admin (or email Eneida Parizotto). It is important that under the section asking your “Current Status” that you tick Box D – Other association with institution (No email).

Using your University Card

Your card remains valid as long as you continue to hold the status shown on it. If your status changes, the card may be cancelled before the printed expiry date. Your card is the property of the University of Oxford. Upon leaving you will be required to surrender it. Read more.

Reporting lost, stolen or damaged University Cards

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, inform the University Card Office immediately. They will be able to request a replacement. If it has been lost or stolen, reporting this loss quickly will prevent unauthorised use of your University Card for which you may be held responsible.

The University Card Office

The University Card Office is a central resource that looks after every aspect of University cards for non-academic staff, retirees and visitors.

University Card Office
6 Worcester Street

+44 (0) 1865 2 70576


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