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Pilot drawing a smiley face in the sky, covid joke and a picture of a letter asking for money for a telescope, written by 7 year old daughter of an RDM member

The story behind the grant application for a telescope

After Charvy Narain (Communications and Public Engagement Manager, Radcliffe Department of Medicine) shared this tweet of her young daughter 'making a vaccine for the coronavirus', followed by this tweet, a colleague said that she would personally offer a grant for research equipment if Tara (7yrs year old) wrote to her with a grant application. Tara has overheard enough Zoom meetings now to know what a grant application is, and her grant application was soon submitted.

Dear Charlotte. If you give me 10 pounds, I will buy a telescope and try to find a new constellation. I would also like to (find) planets with my new telescope.  - Tara, aged 7

Fortunately, not long after Tara submitted her application, she heard that she had had been successful, thanks to the Juno Foundation Fund*.

* No departmental funds were used, the ‘Juno’ in the Juno Foundation Fund is a colleague's dog.