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Services, software or items which are charged for individually.

MSD IT - Charged for items

Most services available from MSD IT are provided without individual charges.

There are, however, some services for which we make a charge to cover costs.

Network infrastructure:

Where a single or one double ethernet connection is required at the JR, our contractor has supplied the standard charges below. If more than a double connection is required, please contact our service desk to arrange for a quote to be provided. Please note this does not apply to PFI managed buildings. In these locations you should contact the management company.
Installation of new single ethernet connection point (1 ethernet outlet): £185
Installation of new double ethernet connection point (2 ethernet outlets): £275

Installation of network infrastructure into new build buildings, extensions into buildings where it does not already exist or other locations, is carried out at cost price. Please contact us if you need help obtaining a quote.

Operating Systems:

Installation of a new operating system where incorrectly ordered: £100
(University owned computers only)
Please note that if you wish us to reinstall an operating system or application software for you, you should be prepared to supply the media - discs, CD or DVD - if necessary. We normally supply all network software.

 File-store, Virtual Servers, Web Services:

2TS Storage - 2nd Tier Storage
Virtual Servers


BioRender - available for group or individual purchase.
GraphPAD PRISM - is only available by group or departmental subscription
SnapGene - available for group or individual purchase.
Zoom - available for group or individual purchase

 Internal Trading

Your departmental finance team can assist with raising an internal Purchase Order.  

When placing an order via Oracle/R12, please select Medical Sciences Divisional Office as the supplier  & MSD ITS as the site:

MSD IT in R12