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VPN & remote access

Members of Medical Sciences Division who have registered for an MSD IT account can use the MSD IT Services VPN service to enable them to work effectively while away from their main office or networked computer. Once logged into VPN, your computer is - electronically speaking, and regardless of  your physical location (at home, at a conference, working abroad) - part of the Oxford network. This allows access to internal University services and resources, including web sites & library systems.  If you are using the MSD IT Services VPN then you will also have access to services you would have on your own departmental network.

MSD IT Services VPN Service

MSD IT Services provides a VPN service which enables access to all central services that require you to be on the University networks, and remote desktop access and other services restricted to MSD IT services networks. The server address is:  and the credentials required are the same as your MSD IT network account. You should first obtain the Cisco VPN client from the software section of IT Services Registration pages and install it using §2.2 of their online instructions

THE Central Oxford University VPN SERVICE

Members of the University can alternative use the Oxford Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provided by central IT Services.

Use of the central IT Services VPN requires VPN client software to be installed (Windows) or if it is already built-in (e.g. Apple macOS), configured on your computer. Windows users should download the Cisco VPN client from their IT Services Registration page. While logged into this page, you also need to enable your central Remote Access Account - once this is done, you can use the VPN (it's needed for staff access to the OWL wireless service), connect to a range of 'internal access only' web and data services

(Your remote access password is also required for the very popular national and international eduroam wireless service.)

Remote NETWork login

You can use the VPN services to access your network drives on a computer that has been configured for use on an MSD IT network:


On a Windows computer configured for an MSD IT network connection, you should follow this sequence:

  1. Login to your computer (Computer only, not Network login)
  2. Connect to your local network
  3. Login to the CISCO VPN AnyConnect client (connect to either or
  4. Login to the OES network (via 'N' in taskbar)

MAC os

  1. Login to your computer
  2. Connect to your local network
  3. Activate an Oxford VPN connection
  4. In the Finder 'Go' menu, select;  Connect to server: smb://   Login using your MSD IT network username. (dept must be changed to match your departmental server name.)
  5. Select the network drive you wish to access.

Please contact the Service desk or call 2-80030 for assistance.