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"SnapGene provides the easiest and most secure way to plan, visualize, and document your everyday molecular biology procedures." - GSL Biotech



Available for Windows, macOS & Linux.

Please note:

The subscription run for 12 months and expires on 30 October 2022. 

The cost of an annual subscription for the year 2021-22 is £67.50 per named activation. A discount* will be applied for any activations purchased for less than a full year.

Please request new subscriptions via this on-line form.

Activations are per computer, so you must purchase an separate activation for each computer you want to run it on. If more than one person uses a computer, each person must register to use SnapGene, but it will count as a single activation.

*Part year discount:

Month Cost per activation
November £67.50
December £62
January £56
February £51
March £45
April £39
May £34
June £28
July £23
August £17
September £11
October Please contact the Service Desk to discuss joining a pending annual renewal.