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Manage your MSD IT password, Apply for MSD IT Accounts, Register printers and computers on the network, Request file sharing and storage services

Apply for an MSD IT Network Account

Use this on-line form to request an MSD IT network username.

Register a Computer or Printer on the MSD IT Services Network

Use this on-line form to connect your computer or printer to the network

Change User Access Rights

Request additional access or changes to Departmental or Unit shared drives or network resources

Request a New Shared Drive

Request the creation of a new Department or Unit shared drive or network resource

Manage your MSD IT Services Password

Reset or renew your MSD IT password here

Activate or manage your Oxford Single Sign-on

Manage your central Single Sign-on used to access various University services including your Nexus email

Request for NEW 2TS Storage

Complete this on-line form to request a new filestore on MSD IT's 2nd tier storage service

Request a Project Email or Calendar Account

Use this on-line form to request a Nexus Project Account.

MSD IT Virtual Server Request

On-line form to request provision of a MSD IT Services managed or hosted virtual server.

Register for the FILR Service

Use this on-line form to sign up for the FILR file-sharing service

Register to use the REDCap Service

Use this on-line form to request a REDcap project

Apply to use the High Compliance Service

Registration for this service is by paper form.