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Educational Strategy and Quality Assurance

Our team provides a focus for the Division’s strategy and activities around educational policy developments and implementation, standards, quality assurance, and operational arrangements across undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research degrees in Medical Sciences.

The team is led by the Senior Assistant Registrar (Education), with the Educational Policy Officer and the Assistant Registrar (Graduate School), who have oversight of undergraduate and graduate taught degrees, and graduate research degrees respectively.  We discharge the Division’s educational responsibilities through a variety of committees and operational activities. We work closely with divisional and departmental academic leads and administrators, as well as student representatives and University officers. The team consults departments and course organisers regularly on the development of educational strategy, policy and procedures. 

We would be pleased to assist if you require advice and support in areas such as the development of new courses and other initiatives, changes to teaching examinations and assessment, and compliance with University and the Division's quality assurance requirements.

Our Team