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The Divisional Communications and Public Engagement team offer the following training and networking opportunities:

Locations will vary, but all three campuses will be used for the various sessions.

Bi-monthly Departmental Communications and Public Engagement Staff Meeting

Who? Departmental Communications/Public Engagement representatives (nominated by their departments)


  • 2020 dates to be confirmed

Meeting Format

1.5 hour meeting, chaired by one of the members, with a focus on sharing best practice, problem solving and joint initiatives.

Members will be asked about two weeks before the meeting to let the chair know what they are currently working on, what projects they’ve recently completed, and any issues/question they have. The chair then chooses 2-3 members to contribute to the meeting based on the information received. Members will present for about 15 mins each on either something they’ve been working on (e.g. why they are doing it, what the process has involved, what the outcome was etc.) or discuss a problem/issue/question that they have, which they would like the groups advice on.

Any remaining time will be used to give a divisional comms/PE update (Alison Brindle/Naomi Gibson) and followed by coffee/tea and an informal networking opportunity.

Termly MSD Communications and Public Engagement Network Meetings

Who? All network members (anyone in MSD with an interest in or connection to public engagement and/or communications)


  • Tuesday 11 February, 10am - 12pm
  • Thursday 14 May, 1:30 - 3:30pm
  • Wednesday 21 October, 10am - 12pm

Meeting Format

2 hour meetings, managed by the Divisional Communications and PE team

The structure of these sessions will vary, but may include workshops, training sessions, invited speakers, focused discussions etc.