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A community of staff in communications and public engagement related roles across the Medical Sciences Division

The Medical Sciences Division Communication and Public Engagement Network (formally MSD Communications Network) was set up in early 2013 to provide an environment where members can share information and ideas, help promote each other’s work, avoid duplication, and importantly, know who else ‘exists’ out there!  The network has over 100 members, most of whom are staff from across the division working in communications and/or public engagement in one way or another (e.g. communication/PE officers, DAs/PAs with communications in their remit etc.). The network also includes a few external members (e.g. related-NHS, charity communications staff etc.).

The network hosts a number of meetings, training and network opportunities each year and manages a mailing list (see below).

The Public Affairs Directorate (PAD) also manage a central Communications Officer Network (email to join the network). The Communications Officers Network is a good way to make contact with others working in communications across the collegiate University and share knowledge, ideas and resources. Additionally, the University’s Senior Facilitator and Coordinator for Public Engagement, Dr Lesley Paterson, publishes a monthly Public Engagement with Research digest (email Dr Lesley Paterson to receive the digest). The digest is intended for staff within the University for which public engagement is a key part of their role, to provide updates on Oxford PER news; highlight external opportunities that they may wish to flag up to specific researchers and events that may be of interest to PER practitioners.

The MSD Communications and Public Engagement Network is not intended to replace the central network but instead be a place to share Medical Sciences Division appropriate information and work around specific divisional topics and needs. 

To join the network, please email the Head of Communications Alison Brindle.

Information for network members

Termly MSD Communications and Public Engagement Network Meetings

What? 2 hour meetings, managed by the Divisional Communications and PE team. The structure of these sessions will vary, but may include workshops, training sessions, invited speakers, focused discussions etc. 

Who? All network members (anyone in MSD with an interest in or connection to public engagement and/or communications)


  • Tuesday 11 February, 10am - 12pm
  • Thursday 14 May, 1:30 - 3:30pm - MEETING CANCELLED
  • Wednesday 21 October, 10am - 12pm

Mailing list

Please use the mailing list to ask questions, share information, make announcements etc. Emails posted to the forum will be captured, and archived (the list has an archive feature, only accessible to list members, so if in the future you have a particular query, or a new members joins the network, they can search the archive directly).

Please bear in mind:

  • To email the list, please send message to
  • Messages are not moderated (so they will be sent out immediately), unless you add an attachment, or the message is too large (in which case the Head of Communications will have to approve the message before it is sent out)
  • By clicking ‘Reply,’ you will respond just to the sender (preferred method, unless email is to stimulate a discussion). To respond to everyone on the list, click ‘Reply all.’ If you post something accidentally to the list, let me know and I will remove it from the archive (Please note: I shall not be able to retract the email)
  • You may forward emails to your staff/students as you feel appropriate
  • You can choose to receive each individual message or a daily digest (e.g. each message as it is posted, or one email listing all the messages sent that day)