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The Industry Insights Seminar Series is hosted by the Business Partnerships Office and sponsored by the BioEscalator.

  • First Tuesday of every month
  • 12.00 -1.00 pm 
  • Via Zoom and in person
  • Networking & 1:1 meeting opportunities

Selected industry speakers provide seminars that are scientific in nature, across a range of medical or health topics.  Speakers are encouraged to bring along colleagues providing the opportunity for Oxford scientists to attend a scientific seminar of interest and also to network with industry scientists. One to one meetings can be facilitated upon request.  Seminars are suitable for all scientists with some knowledge or interest in each topic area, from PhD students to PIs.  Although mostly aimed at an academic audience, those located in the BioEscalator and Wood Centre, as well as local spinouts, are welcome to attend. 

Please check the format of each talk before registering, as we will adapt to virtual or in-person seminars dependent upon the changing Covid-19 circumstances. 

Seminar Schedule

2 November 2021: Bristol Myers Squibb

Title:  Translational Fellowships: Perspectives from a BMS mentor and 5 Oxford-BMS Fellows  

Presenter: Professor Anjan Thakurta - Vice President

Abstract:  Professor Anjan Thakurta, Vice President, Translational Development Disease Teams (Heme Cancers), is trained as a molecular biologist and conducted basic and translational research in the last two decades working in cancer biology and translational development of therapies in hematological malignancies. During the last five years, he led large collaborative projects in decoding the Myeloma Genome and establishing the largest database in this disease. He takes a reverse translational approach in his research in using patient derived data to guide the development of scientific hypotheses. His current research interests are understanding the genetic, epigenetic and immune mechanisms that drive high risk disease and therapeutic resistance in Multiple Myeloma and other hematological malignancies and the discovery and development of new therapeutics.

Anjan is a Visiting Professor of Cancer Biology and Translational Medicine at Oxford and works closely with Fellows as part of the Oxford-Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) Fellowships Programme and he along with five fellows will talk about their experiences. 

Format: Online

Register for the Bristol Myers Squibb talk

7 December 2021: Novo Nordisk

Presenter: Ramneek Gupta

Abstract: For almost 100 years, Novo Nordisk have been translating the unmet medical needs of people living with a serious chronic disease into innovative medicines and delivery systems, eg insulin pens.

Their treatments today are benefiting millions of people living with diabetes, obesity, and rare blood and endocrine diseases.

From their labs they are discovering and developing innovative biological medicines and making them accessible to patients throughout the world.

Register for the Novo Nordisk talk

Changes to the event format

These events are usually in person at the BioEscalator. However, due to Covid-19, these seminars will be a mix of in person and virtual.  There are limited in-person tickets so please make sure you book early. 


Please contact either Sheena Lee if you have any questions.

If you have an industry partner you would like to invite to speak, please contact Sheena Lee.

Previous Talks

5th October 2021: Humanising drugs

Company: Vertex

Presenter: David Price


7th September: Development of Novel Medicines Using High Resolution, Native Mass Spectrometry of Intact Protein Assemblies

Company: OMass

Presenter: Katharina Duerr


July 2021: Tumour Re-Engineering

Company: PsiOxus

Presenter: Manuela Zonca - Senior Research Scientist PsiOxus


4th May 2021: Improving Drug Delivery in Ophthalmology

Company: Visusnano

Presenter: Joanna Gould - CEO, VisusNano



6th April 2021: Accelerating Covid-19 Antibody Discovery through Industry-Academia Consortium

Company:  BioIndustry Association (BIA)

Presenter:  Jane Osbourn OBE, CSO Alchemab and Paul Kellam VP infectious diseases and vaccines, Kymab.


2nd March 2021:  Transforming the Path for Equitable Access to Rapid Diagnostics for Epidemics

Company: Mologic

Presenter:  Joe Fitchett - Medical Director


2 February 2021: Targeting the Aryl Hyrdrocarbon Receptor (AHR) as a Novel Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer

Company: Bayer AG

Presenter: Dr Ilona Gutcher - Group Leader Oncology


5 January 2021: Exosome-Based Therapies for the Treatment of Rare Genetic Diseases

Company: Evox Therapeutics 

Presenter: David Lowe - Vice President, Research


6 October 2020: Maintaining Human Livers Outside Of The Body: From Advances In Transplant Medicine To Developing Liver Nash Therapies

Company: Ochre Bio & OrganOx

Presenters: Quin Wills & Jack O'Meara, CSO and CEO Ochre Bio and Andy Self, Commercial Director at OrganOx


1 September 2020: Biotherapeutic Medicines From Botulinum Neurotoxins

Company: Ipsen

Presenter: Matthew Beard


7 July 2020: Translational Science & Medicine In Industry

Company: Janssen R&D

 Presenter: Luke Devey, VP Translational science


2 June 2020: A Multi-Omics Approach For Type 2 Diabetes Target Discovery: Identification And Characterisation Of Disease-Specific Small Open Reading Frame Encoded Peptides

 Company: Novo Nordisk

 Presenter: Dr. Bill Haynes, Site Head and Vice President, Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford


3 March 2020: Deep Learning Based Image Enhancement In Positron Emission Tomography

Company: GE Healthcare

Presenter: Dr Abolfazl Mehranian - Imaging Scientist 


4 February 2020: What Disease? – Do We Have The Right Approach To Disease Classification And How This Should Impact Our Approach To Treatment

Company: Sensyne Health 

Presenter: Dr Rabia Khan - Chief of Translational Medicine 


7 January 2020: Utility Of Non-Invasive Image Derived Biomarkers To Characterise Health And Disease: Advances Towards Personalised Medicine

Company: Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd

 Presenter: Dr Andrea Dennis - Head of Biomarker Sciences


4 December 2019: When Less Is More - A New Twist To GalNAc-Conjugated siRNA For Treatment Of Liver-Related Disorders

Company: Silence Therapeutics

 Presenter: Dr Marie Wikstrom Lindholm - VP Head of Technology Innovation 

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