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The Industry Insights Seminar Series is hosted by the Business Partnerships Office and sponsored by the BioEscalator.

  • First Tuesday of every month
  • 12.00 -1.00 pm 
  • In person and via Zoom
  • Networking & 1:1 meeting opportunities

Selected industry speakers provide seminars that are scientific in nature, across a range of medical or health topics.  Speakers are encouraged to bring along colleagues providing the opportunity for Oxford scientists to attend a scientific seminar of interest and also to network with industry scientists. One to one meetings can be facilitated upon request.  Seminars are suitable for all scientists with some knowledge or interest in each topic area, from PhD students to PIs.  Although mostly aimed at an academic audience, those located in the BioEscalator and Wood Centre, as well as local spinouts, are welcome to attend. 

Please contact Sheena Lee if you have any questions or have an industry partner you would like to invite to speak

4 October 2022: Natural Cycles

Title: Natural Cycles: Revolutionising research in Women's Health 

Presenter:  Jack Pearson (Medical Affairs Manager)

Natural Cycles is an app powered by an algorithm that measures basal body temperature. 

The app can be used for research studies to determine fertility status, measure anovulation, irregular cycles, miscarriage, libido, ovulation status in PCOS, for pandemic stress and to determine Covid vaccine effects on menstrual cycles.

Temperatures are measured with the NC° thermometer, which are entered into the app and the algorithm does the work.

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1 November 2022: Medicines Discovery Catapult

Presenter: William Drewe (Business Development Manager) and Martin Main (Chief Scientist)

Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) are committed to working with innovative companies and scientists across the UK to accelerate drug discovery so that patients get the medicines they need faster. MDC provide extensive experience in industrial medicines discovery and informatics combined with access to innovative technologies, platforms, and outsourced, multiparty R&D. We work with you to understand your project’s needs and challenges, and then we develop and implement an experimental plan that will deliver the data you need to accelerate your progress.

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6 December 2022:  Psious

Presenter: Iris-Valerie Stracke (Head of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs)

Psious' virtual reality tool can be used by mental health professionals in CBT, exposure therapy and other interventions allowing them to have full control over the parameters.

Through close collaboration with leading public and private institutions, Psious are proud to advance research and promote evidence-based care for better mental-health, globally.

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