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Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford (NNRCO) Meet & Greet events are networking events aimed to connect Oxford University academics to NNRCO staff to identify joint collaborative opportunities in the topic area of diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders.

Flyer summarising information provided on rest of page - NNRCO meet and greet event 2019



Date, Time & Location

  • 10 December 2019
  • 10am - 12pm
  • @ Floor 3 Innovation Building, Old Road Campus
  • Refreshments & Brunch provided


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Aim & Opportunity  

An opportunity to engage with NNRCO scientists and discuss collaborative research opportunities within the topics of Diabetes and cardiometablic disease. 

  • Network with  new NNRCO scientists 
  • Learn more about topic areas of interest to NNRCO
  • Explore technique, expertise and equipment available at NNRCO
  • Lab tours
  • Find out about the 2019-2020 Pump Priming funding now available  

Pump Priming Funds 2019-2020

A final 2019-2020 NN-OU Pump Priming round is now open. Attend to find out more or see our internal funding page for the details here.

1:1 Meetings

This Meet & Greet Event is a perfect opportunity to have a 1:1 meeting with an NNRCO scientists, especially should you have a collaborative idea you wish to discuss.

Get in Touch

Picture of Siobhan Dennis

If you would like to contact Novo Nordisk or have any questions in relation to the Meet & Greet Event please contact Industry Partnerships Manager Dr Siobhan Dennis using the details provided below. 


Please do get in touch if you would like to arrange a 1:1 meeting during the Meet & Greet Event. 

Email Tel Address +44 (0) 7860856772 Boundary Brook House, Old Road Campus


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