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Anti-bullying week, 13 – 19 Nov 2017

Anti-bullying week talks (organised by Chemistry, open to all)

14 November

Workshop: Responsible Bystander

In this short workshop we aim to explore your options as a bystander to bullying and harassment, what you can do in the moment and/or after the event.

Date: 14 November

Time: 1.00 – 2.30pm

Location: JSR Seminar Room, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

15 November

Jill Scott -  Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion by Addressing Workplace Bullying

Jill Scott is a specialist in Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusion, Smart Working and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment. 

Date: 15 November

Time:1 - 2.30pm

Venue: JSR Seminar Room, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

16 November

Dr Olajumoke Okoya: Equity is not about Pie

Dr Olajumoke Okoya an experienced lecturer and trainer with more than 10 years’ experience of teaching both at undergraduate and post graduate level with several UK higher education institutions. She has got extensive capability in providing teaching and training services in Human Resources Management, Learning and Development, Business Information systems, Personal Development planning, Continuous Professional Development and E-Learning.

Date: 16 November

Time:12 - 1.30

Venue: JSR Seminar Room, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

17 November

David Ruebain: Disability – Invisible and Visible

David Ruebain is Chief Executive of the Equality Challenge Unit, a policy and research agency funded to advance equality & diversity in universities in the UK and colleges in Scotland and England.

Date: 17 November

Time: 2 -3.30

Venue: Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Theatre, Inorganic Chemistry