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MSD IT Services
Room 3A25B (at rear of Cairns Library)
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Tim Shaw

Deputy Director of MSD IT Services (Networks)

I lead a small team who are responsible for the provision and management of the IT network infrastructure across much of the Medical Sciences Division.  In addition my team provides networked file and print services and larger scale data storage facilities for use by members of the Division.  We also provide virtual servers for departments and research projects within Medical Sciences.

I represent the Division on the University's Network Advisory Group.

I started here in 1993 when the first University ethernet network was installed at the John Radcliffe Hospital site and, from that simple beginning, I have overseen the growth of the network to over 400 switches deployed across numerous sites with many thousands of end users and devices.  Prior to joining the University I worked in the then emerging field of digital cartography, having taken a degree in Geology and Cartography at Oxford Brookes University.  Previous experience has been as varied as social work, Civilian Scientific Officer in the RAF, tractor driver and many more – nearly all of which were valuable preparation for a career at MSD IT Services!

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