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Posted on behalf of Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor

"I am writing to solicit your help in identifying strong candidates for the position of Head of Medical Sciences to succeed Professors Chris Kennard and Alastair Buchan.

The search committee (membership listed below) met for the first time yesterday and are actively engaged in recruiting applications from across the globe for this crucially important position. 

  • Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Professor Sir John Tooke, (external) Executive Chairman, Academic Health Solutions Ltd.
  • Professor Karen Vousden, (external) Chief Scientist, Cancer Research UK
  • Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine
  • Professor Andrew Carr, Nuffield Professor of Orthopaedics
  • Professor Sir Gordon Duff, Principal of St Hilda’s College
  • Professor Helen McShane, Professor of Vaccinology and Wellcome Senior Fellow.
  • Professor Kia Nobre, Professor of Translational Cognitive Neuroscience

If you have any suggestions please pass them along to a member of the committee." 

Editor's note: email addresses for committee members can be found on the Staff Gateway