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copy_of__NAS6504_highres.jpgI hope that you have all had some time this summer to relax and recharge and are feeling refreshed and ready for the new academic year. September has already been busy in our office. Earlier this month, I was appointed, on behalf of the University, as a Non-executive Director of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I’m delighted to take on this role, and will endeavour to serve our staff and students, and the local and national community, in a manner that benefits all, and makes the most effective use of the partnership between our two leading institutions. Read more

Professor Helen McShane (Jenner Institute, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine) has also been appointed as the new Director of the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, taking over from Professor Keith Channon, who led the centre so successfully for the past 9 years. Helen is a leading vaccine specialist with an international reputation in clinical research and trials, and her experience in translational medicine will no doubt be of great benefit to the BRC and I wish her all the best in this new role. Read more

Later this month, the new Innovation Building on Old Road Campus will open. This eye-catching new space houses the BioEscalator, a flexible hub for entrepreneurial research scientists to develop and test their emerging ideas. The first tenants will be arriving shortly, and we look forward to hearing more about their progress. The building will additionally hold Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford (NNRCO), a global leader in metabolism research with whom we formed a strategic alliance in 2017, and also the new multi-story car park. Scholarly debate on parking enjoys a long and distinguished history at Oxford: do be sure to consult the new parking guide before entering the (intellectual) fray or the (physical) garage! 

Finally, as you’ll see in the rest of this month's newsletter, there’s a range of opportunities and resources for you to discover and benefit from. So if you are seeking funding for you translational project, want to use your expertise on the ISSF review panel or take part in a public engagement activity be sure to explore this month’s issue further.

Professor Gavin Screaton

September 2018