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leaders2018.jpgThe Next Generation Leaders Programme is a new programme commissioned and designed by the NIHR Oxford BRC Training and Education Subtheme to enable researchers and health professionals to develop key skills in leadership and management capability.

This programme is an opportunity designed for early to mid-career individuals to develop skills in leadership, conflict management and influence as they take on more responsibility. This programme would not be suitable for senior leaders such as principal investigators, clinical consultants or research professors.

Application process

Applicants should be employed by Oxford University or Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation. Applications will be reviewed and allocated by a review panel. Applicants should complete the online form by 23 September.

When will it take place?

Sessions will run monthly from 4 October 2019 - 7 April 2020 (for full dates see application form). The programme will start with a whole day session followed by 5 half day sessions from 9.00-12.30, on a rotating basis once a month. All sessions will take place in the George Pickering Education Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital.

Example Workshop Topics:

Topics will be adapted to suit the needs of delegates

  1. Healthcare Leadership
  2. Building Better Teams: The fundamentals of team dynamics
  3. Personality and working styles
  4. Stakeholder analysis (influence mapping)
  5. Project management
  6. Leadership Styles
  7. Building sustainable change
  8. Healthcare and research finances
  9. Process mapping and management methodologies
  10. Understanding conflict styles
  11. Mediation skills: recognising, addressing and deescalating conflict
  12. Bullying and Harassment: how to recognise and manage
  13. Process-based decision making
  14. Influence principles and tactics
  15. Negotiation

Sessions will include a mix of question and answer sessions with senior leaders/ practitioners and interactive skills workshops led by facilitators. You will also work on group quality improvement projects which will be presented to members of the OUH NHS Trust during the final session. You will need to commit to at least 5 sessions and have line manager support.

Please feel free to email Karen at if you have any questions.