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As one of the six Legal Deposit Libraries in the UK, the Bodleian is actively involved in the Legal Deposit UK Web Archive, a project that aims to preserve UK websites for future research. As well as the “general collection” of the UK web, the Legal Deposit Libraries curate themed special collections. Recent collections have included the 2015 General Election, the First World War centenary and the UK response to the Ebola crisis.

The Bodleian Libraries is currently curating a collection on “Mental Health, Social Media and the Internet” looking at the following themes:

  • Addiction – How gaming and other addictive internet-based activity (gambling, pornography, social media use) can affect mental health.
  • Body Image – How rising internet and social media use affect body-image and mental health.
  • Inclusivity vs. Cyberbullying – Includes the positive effects of internet and social media use on mental health – inclusive communities versus rise of cyberbullying.
  • Social Media Usage Impact on Mental Health - General research on how rising use of social media impacts mental health – are attitudes changing? Is mental health evolving/increasing/decreasing? Does social media foster mental health conditions or aid? Does social media politicise mental health? Awareness raising of mental health.
  • Material relevant to mental health, social media and the internet more generally.

 The web sources we will be considering are:

  • Academic research
  • News pieces (Online UK news sites)
  • UK based social media initiatives/organisations/charities (Online + social media strategies/campaigns)
  • UK based blogs and forums
  • Social media accounts (public, UK based: FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Storify, Medium).

Only UK based websites can be included in the Legal Deposit UK Web Archive.

We are looking for suggestions of websites for potential inclusion in the collection. Please send suggestions to Iram Safdar ( or Carl Cooper ( We will be working on the collection until May 2018.

For more information on the Legal Deposit UK Web Archive please visit our webpages. Further information can also be found on this blog from the British Library.

Matthew Neely, Senior Archivist, Bodleian Libraries.