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To help raise awareness of the benefits of recycling and reusing items, why not get involved with the University’s spring-clean campaign, Spring Into Action, which runs until 7 April?

We want to reduce environmental impact and save an estimated £100,000 with the help of WARPit. If your department has items to rehome or is in need of furniture, equipment or supplies, sign up and get swapping today.

There are 300 items currently available on WARPit including curved desks, reception seating, racking, toner, staples, ring binders and filing cabinets. These are all free and available for use in your department.

We also have staff who are looking for particular items. Do you have an adjustable desk, cache of box files, bookcase, hat stand, incubator or microscope that is underused and cluttering up your space?

This is a great way to reduce costs and help other departments do the same.

Listing items is quick and easy, and if you are thinking of tackling that overstuffed ‘storage’ room you can bulk upload them too.

If you would like to take part, visit our Spring Into Action page for promotional materials, or email with any questions. #OxSpringAct

Please note WARPit is not for personal use or personal items.