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As we enter the third and final year of the Science Transit Shuttle (STS) pilot, we are keen to increase awareness of this valuable service among potential users. The pilot funding will end in July 2019, and to have a secure future the shuttle needs to be used more.

  • The Science Transit Shuttle (STS) is a fast, convenient and economical way for staff and students in your department to travel between key University sites.
  • It is far cheaper than taxis and many of the sites it connects are poorly served by public transport.

There are three STS routes connecting central Oxford with outlying sites:

  • ST1 University Club - Harwell Campus - £2.80 per trip | Every 30 minutes
  • ST2 University Club - Old Road Campus - £1.40 per trip | Every 30 minutes
  • ST3 Wytham, JK Field Station - University Club - John Radcliffe Hospital - £1.40 per trip | Every 60 minutes

All University staff and students can use the shuttle, whether they are travelling on University business or for personal journeys. On University business, staff can register their University card and use this to travel; the cost will be charged to their department. Alternatively, departments can use pool cards or batches of paper tickets and distribute them to staff.

  • For personal travel, employees can buy paper tickets, or 13 or 52 week commuter cards. You can buy tickets through the University’s online shop.
  • Once you have a ticket or travel card, there is no need to book places – just check the timetable of your chosen route, or consult our Livetracker service, and go to your nearest stop.

For more information on the service, including guidance on how to buy tickets, see If you have any queries or want to order departmental pool travel cards, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 01865 614814.