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The Equality and Diversity Unit, in collaboration with the BME Staff Network, is excited to launch Pivot, a mentoring scheme for any member of staff at the University who identifies as Black or minority ethnic (BME).

We know that people have different reasons for choosing to have a mentor, so rather than seek to cover them all within one scheme we are offering two different pathways to ensure that mentees get the support they are looking for.

  • Pathway A: mentoring circles. Mentees can be at any grade, and will join a group of three or four other mentees with a BME mentor, to network with colleagues, get support to consider personal and professional development, or use the group as a sounding-board to discuss work-related issues or challenges.
  • Pathway B: career progression. Mentees should be Grade 6 or above. They will be supported in their career development goals and plans by a more senior mentor (who may or may not be BME) and become more equipped to work towards them.

More information is available at:, where there are also proformas for mentees and mentors to apply. If you have any questions please contact the EDU race equality advisors, Dr Laura Hodsdon or Dr Machilu Zimba on