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Posted on behalf of Bodleian Libraries

In response to Reader feedback we are piloting a staffed service at weekends at the Cairns Library over 2017.

The library will be staffed where possible between 1 pm and 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays between Saturday 10th June and Sunday 9th July 2017 and then from Saturday 2nd September 2017 to Sunday 10th December 2017.

Due to the library being single staffed on the weekends, if the library is not staffed by 1.15 pm please assume the library will remain unstaffed for the day.

The Book Collection will only be open when the library is staffed.  If you are making a special trip to the Cairns to access the Book Collection at the weekend then please call 01865 221936 on the day to check  that a member of staff is on duty. The rest of the library will be accessible 24/7 with a valid Bodleian Health Care Libraries Card or a University of Oxford Card (Bod card). 

For more information please contact: Sue Riley, Desk Services & Circulation Manager    

Email:   /   Phone: 01865 (2) 21936