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Posted on behalf of the Bodleian Health Care Libraries

To celebrate the success of the 3rd Parallel Universe poetry competition, a reception and reading was held at the Radcliffe Science Library on 20 October. As in previous years, the competition was open to all members of the University, and we had entries from undergraduates, members of staff and alumni, all represented in the winners. The event was well attended, eight of the ten poets being able to come and read their poems to a very appreciative audience, with refreshments laid on by the RSL.

The competition takes the theme of “Science and Medicine”, and this year’s entries covered a very wide base of subjects within that brief: poems about biomimicry, the periodic table, Higgs Boson, and emergency medicine being amongst a few of them. The ten winning poems are now on display around the Radcliffe Science Library, and are available to view on the RSL’s website (

Thank you to everyone who made the event a success.