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Posted on behalf of Careers Service

Failure is a feeling that comes to us all. One response is to pretend it never happened; another is to ask what the episode and our responses to it can teach us. 

Designed with early-career academics in mind, five half-hour audio podcasts and a written workbook offer prompts for you to explore the various dimensions of failure in the academic context: the feeling itself, failure and other people, failure and the idea of saying farewell to academia, and what to do about it all -- as regards both actions and attitudes. 

Invitations to reflect on your own experience, and to tweak your existing habits of thought and behaviour, are interspersed with contributions from academics and people who have moved out of academia, about their own successes and failures and what they've learned from them. Some contributors also wrote their own 'CV of failure' for us, and these are provided in the workbook too. 

The podcasts and the workbook are available on the Careers Service site at We hope you might find them interesting and helpful.