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Oxford’s RCUK APC allocation policy finalised for 2018-19

On 1st July 2018 the University revised its policy for allocating funds from the RCUK Open Access block grant for Article Processing Charges (APCs) and article-related charges, in order to best manage the new grant which was greater than had been anticipated. It means we will now pay APCs for hybrid (subscription) journals with a ‘green route’ embargo longer than 6 months for science/medicine as well as for fully open access journals.

From now on authors should apply at the point of acceptance (instead of at article submission), which is the same timing as Wellcome Trust/COAF block grant and ‘Act on Acceptance’. The APC team will advise if funds are available in our block grant and if the journal is eligible.  Authors should in all cases deposit the accepted manuscript into ORA via Symplectic within 3 months of acceptance.

More information can be found at If you have any queries, please contact the OA Enquiry Team at

40,000 full text items in ORA

Oxford’s institutional repository ( now contains over 40,000 full text items: journal articles plus research theses, working papers, conference papers, book chapters, books and more. This means that more Oxford University research than ever before can be read in full for free by anyone in the world. Our researchers also have many reasons to deposit:

  • Increased visibility, discovery and dissemination of research
  • Search engines include repository records prominently in their results, potentially yielding more readers and higher citations
  • Preservation, archiving and persistent links
  • Having a copy safely stored in ORA reduces the risk of lost files
  • Policy - Universities and research funders want their research to be as widely available as possible
  • Public engagement with research - Open access to research publications is an important strand

Revised claim process for COAF open access fees

Oxford’s Block Grant from the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) has now been fully spent for 2017-2018. This requires a change of procedure for the payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for the five COAF partners below. From now on, researchers funded by the six COAF partners below should, until further notice, first contact their funder for permission to take the paid route, then obtain and pay the invoice, and then send the claim to the funder for reimbursement.

There is no need currently to fill in Oxford’s APC application form as unfortunately the Bodleian’s APC Team is unable to process these payments centrally on behalf of researchers.

We will keep you informed as to changes to this revised workflow, as we enter the new financial year in October 2018.

COAF contact details

Further information is on the COAF website at

There is currently no change to the Wellcome Trust procedure.

Please note that the Wellcome Trust block grant has almost been fully spent, but we are due to receive an additional allocation, with the possibility of further funds being approved if required. This means that Wellcome-funded authors should continue with the usual procedure and pass payment requests to our APC team using the form at

If you have any questions please contact our OA Team on