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Plan S and new Wellcome policy delayed until 2021

On 31 May it was announced that Plan S and the new Wellcome Trust OA policy have been revised and will now take effect in January 2021, a year later than originally proposed.

Plan S is a set of 10 principles to which a group of major funders (including Wellcome and UKRI) have committed to implement to deliver full and immediate Open Access to research publications. The revised Plan S guidelines are on the cOAlition S website. Key changes: 1) more emphasis on green OA and repositories 2) option for CC-BY-SA & CC-BY-ND 3) monographs and book chapters to be handled separately 4) support for DORA-style research assessment.

The Wellcome Trust policy aligns with Plan S. Details at Key changes: 1) option for CC-BY-ND 2) authors/institutions to retain copyright.

Oxford’s Open Access website is being updated (/) and If you have any questions please email the OA Enquiry team.

Open Access Briefing Session

The next installment of this regular briefing for Oxford researchers will take place on Wednesday 26 June, 11am-12noon in the Knowledge Centre Group Study Room, Old Road Campus Research Building.

For details and to book, please see

Wellcome Trust ‘s report on OA spend 2017/18

The Wellcome Trust has published its annual analysis of spending by the 36 organisations that received a grant from the Charity Open Access Fund between 1 October 2017 and 30 September 2018. More details are at