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‘Open Scholarship’ at Oxford

The university supports open scholarship and there are some case studies as examples of what our researchers are doing in different subject areas at

Elsewhere it tends to be called Open Science or Open Research but Oxford has decided to adopt the name Open Scholarship.

Revised claim process for COAF open access fees

Oxford’s 2018-2019 Block Grant from the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) has now been fully spent. This requires a change of procedure for the payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for the non-Wellcome COAF partners. Researchers funded by the five COAF partners below should, until further notice, first contact their funder for permission to take the paid route, then obtain and pay the invoice, and then send the claim to the funder for reimbursement.

COAF contact details:

More details can be found at

Bodleian iSkills: Open Access Oxford: what’s happening?

The next instalment of this regular briefing on open access publishing and Oxford’s position, including guidance on how to comply with the Open Access requirements for the REF and mandates from key funding bodies whilst respecting your publisher’s rights and policies, will take place on Wednesday 28 August 2-3pm at the Bodleian Social Science Library - details and booking information can be found at

The briefing lasts 1 hour, and presenters will stay on for 30 mins at the end for a ‘drop-in’ session to provide hands-on help and advice for anyone with specific issues around open access publishing or depositing their work in ORA.