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Temporary Car Park, ORC, closed Thu 15 Feb

This was originally scheduled for Wed 14 Feb, but the short term weather outlook predicts high winds for Wednesday meaning that we have had to postpone the car park closure for the removal of the tower crane until Thursday 15 February.

Weather permitting, Tower Crane 1 is being removed by a mobile crane from Old Road Campus on Thursday 15 February 2018.  Unfortunately this requires full and unhindered access to the temporary car park, which will be closed completely for the entire day. To minimise disruption the removal has been scheduled during half-term.

Although these works are essential we recognise they are inconvenient and will cause disruption to staff and visitors travelling to ORC by car.  Estates Services is investigating whether the overflow car park at Boundary Brook House could be made available. To alleviate parking problems for their staff during this time Departments may wish to consider:

  • minimising the use of visitor permits e.g. not booking engineers in where possible and encouraging the use of public transport/park & ride to maximise space for staff;
  • Encouraging staff who have flexible working arrangements to work from home or alternative locations;
  • Reminding staff of the alternatives for accessing Old Road Campus by public transport and cycling:

-          the 900 from Thornhill Park & Ride

-          the 700 from Kidlington via Oxford Parkway (Water Eaton Park & Ride)

-          the City 4 via Old Road (Cumnor to Wood Farm)

-          the University’s ST2 Science Transit Shuttle from the University Club to the NOC (details of how to use the ST2 here)

  • Allowing staff more time to get to and from work and to arrive later / leave earlier where practicable

Specialist Waste Facility construction - loss of 20 parking spaces 15 Jan for 8 weeks

The construction of the Specialist Waste Facility requires the contractor to occupy 13 parking spaces in the middle section of the ORC main car park site. Unfortunately there will be 13 less parking spaces at ORC for the 8 weeks commencing 15 January 2018.

To help alleviate the pressure on car parking spaces at Old Road Campus, an additional 15 spaces in the Boundary Brook House overflow car park are being made available to staff.

These are scheduled to be available to staff holding peak permits from Monday 12 February and can be accessed from the ORC temporary car park.  Note that the access from Churchill Drive will remain closed.

This has been made possible by amending the contractor operations associated with Boundary Brook House refurbishment works.