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We are expecting the NIHR to launch this year’s call for NIHR Research Professorships and Global Health Research Professorships very shortly with a closing date of 20 November 2019. As in previous rounds we expect a restriction on the number of applications we can put forward so we are running a co-ordinated bids process. In the previous round for Research Professorships we were allowed two nominations including at least one woman, and for the Global Health Research Professorships we could nominate one candidate undertaking research which primarily benefits individuals in ODA countries.

Once NIHR have launched their call, information about the internal process will be on the RS Co-ordinated Bids page and internal applications will be requested via IRAMS, with an anticipated internal deadline of 16 October 2019. For the internal selection there will be a simplified 2 page form. Please be aware of this upcoming call and start encouraging potential applicants.

We will be holding an informal Q&A session for potential applicants to meet members of the internal selection panel on Monday 30 September 2019 from 3pm – 5pm (Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, ROQ). Potential applicants can sign up for an individual slot of 10-15 minutes at the session by contacting by 1pm on Friday 27 September. Please also direct any questions to this address.