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The Graduate Supervision System (GSS) will be replaced in Michaelmas term 2018 with Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) in eVision, which is the main student records system for the University of Oxford. This replacement is required because the vendor is withdrawing support for GSS. This also provides an opportunity to improve our systems and processes in this area.

Early closure of GSS this term

Student reporting for Trinity term will be open as normal in GSS throughout 6th and 7th weeks of term (28 May - 8 June). However, to allow data to be migrated to GSR ready for Michaelmas term, GSS will close early for supervisors and Directors of Graduate Studies (DGSs). The closure dates are:

  • 12pm (noon) on 3 August 2018 for supervisors
  • 12pm (noon) on 31 August 2018 for DGSs (DGSs can add comments as soon as reports are submitted by supervisors)

The windows are closing early for submission only; read-only access to Trinity term reporting will remain available as usual. Details are on the GSS website, and the termly automated GSS automated email reminders have been updated with this information.

Further information about GSR, including pilot in the summer

Further details about GSR, including the new reporting window schedule for next term, are on the GSR project web pages.

In advance of the launch of GSR, a pilot will be run for six weeks from 16 July-24 August, involving students, academics and administrative staff from 20 participating courses, as well as several colleges. Feedback will be taken into account and improvements made before GSR is rolled out for all graduate courses in the new academic year. Details have been added to the new GSR pilot web page.

During the summer, all graduate students and relevant staff will receive an email from the Student Systems Support Centre, which will help them to prepare for the forthcoming introduction of GSR.


If you have any queries about the GSR project, please contact

Queries about the current GSS system should continue to be sent using the GSS contact form.