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Calling all Oxford MedSci students!

Would you be interested in helping to organise the next MSD DPhil Day?

Last summer you may have attended or presented at the 2019 Medical Sciences DPhil Day, thank you for helping to make the day such a success!

The Medical Sciences DPhil Day is a student organised event and volunteers are now needed to organise the 2020 event starting as soon as possible.  The tasks involved include:

  • Designing advertising materials
  • Inviting a keynote speaker
  • Soliciting abstracts from students in the Medical Sciences Division
  • Booking catering for the event
  • Finding sponsors    
  • Organising the running of the day

Organising the MSD DPhil Day is a very rewarding experience and we would encourage you to consider applying to run the event this year. The team from last year will meet with you to give our advice and pass over all materials we think will prove useful and then it should only take a handful of meetings to get the day organised.  The first meeting will be taking place in the Cape of Good Hope pub (, at 6.00pm on Tuesday 5th November.

Please email if you are interested in joining the committee or simply have any questions.

The website for last year's event can be found at