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Meeting_Minds_BYK002.pngThe Meeting Minds Alumni Weekend is just around the corner, with a whole host of events including a very exciting medical lecture (details below). Only Alumni are able to book in advance, however staff and students can purchase tickets over the weekend itself between the following times:

  • Friday 20 September, between 1-4pm
  • Saturday 21 September, between 9am-4pm
  • Sunday 22 September, between 9am-3pm

The ticket desk will be situated in The Mathematical institute and is cash only.

View the programme here

The Osler Lecture: Can neuroimaging help us 'see' pain? 

Speaker: Professor Irene Tracey, Head of Department & Nuffield Chair in Anaesthetic Science, Fellow, Pembroke College

Everyone feels pain, it’s the body’s warning system: it’s good. Chronic pain is the system gone wrong and one of the world’s biggest medical health problems. Pain emerges from brain activity, but certain networks can also powerfully modulate the experience. Using neuroimaging, unprecedented insight to how this occurs has been obtained and will be presented.

Saturday 21 September, 4pm

Level 2, Mathematical Institute, Woodstock Road, OX2 6GG