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The Medical Sciences Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee of the University of Oxford is seeking to appoint an external member.  Their role will be to review applications for ethics approval for research investigations in Medical Sciences, where this involves human volunteers and/or their personal data.  They will also contribute to the development of University policies and procedures for such research.

An external member is someone who is not currently employed by, or studying at, the University or its colleges in any capacity.   Applicants should have an interest in contributing to ethical review and helping to ensure that the dignity, rights and welfare of all those involved in research is protected.  Specific academic qualifications or ethical expertise are not necessary.  Experience within commercial or public administration, community organisations, education, welfare services, the charitable sector or healthcare, whilst not exhaustive, could all be relevant.

Above all, desirable qualities are

  • an ability to look with objectivity at issues identified in a research proposal, demonstrating sound judgement;
  • the availability, willingness and aptitude to comment regularly and promptly on ethics applications via email
  • capacity to attend termly ethics meetings (held in October, January and May).

This is an unpaid post, but reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed. Please note that members will therefore need to live within reasonable travel distance from Oxford.

The deadline for applications is Monday 16th September 2019.

Further information is available here.