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How does your brain and body change as you get older and how do you stay healthy all that time?

As part of Dementia Awareness Week, 15 –21 May, MSD researchers will be part of an event on ageing and dementia in Templars Square Shopping Centre called Ageing: From Birth and Beyond.

Organised by Living Well Oxford and supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award, the event will offer practical advice and information on ageing and dementia as well as a chance to understand more about the science behind getting older. The event will include hands-on activities, the chance to try workshops designed to keep your mind and body active and healthy, and special offers from fashion and beauty retailers on how to change your style as you age.

Living Well Oxford is a collaborative public engagement project between the Oxford Academic Health Science Network, Science Oxford and the Oxford Health Experiences Institute to support the exploration and understanding of health and healthcare.

Living Well Oxford are looking for volunteers to support the event, including advertising, setting-up activities and to help guide visitors on the day. If you’re interested, please contact

Activities will be taking place at Templars Square Shopping Centre, Cowley, between Monday 15th and Sunday 21st May. To find out more visit the Living Well Oxford Facebook page for details of talks, advice sessions and workshops.