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Monday 12 September to 7 November 2016 5.15 - 6.15pm, (except 24 October) Room 4B or nearby, George Pickering Education Centre, JR.

Posted on behalf of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Philosophy looks beyond appearances to reality, beyond the transient to eternity, beyond falsehood to truth. It makes the search for these a practical study and not an intellectual exercise.

This eight session course called looks at life and its meaning, the world and its causes, and the application of mindfulness to every moment. Based on the classic philosophies of East and West, it invites us to see life as a place to test the words of the wise. Feel free to join us.

Professor Peter Bernard Sullivan is Associate Medical Director at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Associate Dean (Postgraduate Medical Education) in  Oxford University’s Medical Sciences Division. He has over 40 years of experience of learning and teaching in Practical Philosophy.

Spaces are limited so please commit to attending at least 6 of the 8 weeks. Please book before 1 September: email to reserve your place