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 If you have a research interest in any aspect of diabetes, endocrinology, nutrition, obesity or metabolism then we hope that you'll join the Oxford Metabolic Health (OMH). OMH is a new interdepartmental and cross-divisional initiative that aims to bring together researchers across the University with interests in the relationship between metabolism (in the broad sense of the term) and health. We welcome all researchers working across basic and translational science relevant to metabolic health. The role of OMH is to:

  • help researchers to communicate, collaborate and share expertise;
  • support strategic funding opportunities, training and recruitment;
  • enhance representation of the strength and scope of metabolic research within the university and beyond.

Our inaugural symposium will take place in the Richard Doll Building on Monday 2 July 2018 and will include a diverse range of speakers, poster sessions, and plenty of opportunity to meet other researchers. To join OMH and keep up to date with relevant information about the symposium and other events and opportunities, sign up to the OMH mailing list by sending an email to To find out more about the OMH or if you have an suggestions or comments, please contact Jane Itzhaki, Research Facilitator for OMH: