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The Medical Sciences Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee (MS IDREC) would like to inform you of some important changes to documentation required for ethics applications.

The CUREC 1 checklist and CUREC 2 application forms have been re-issued and now include a new question regarding University compliance with the statutory ‘Prevent’ Duty (please note that the related guidance is focused on how to identify and mitigate any related risks to staff or student welfare, and does not in any way address what people choose to research) .  Please ensure that for all new aplications going forward, you download the latest versions of these forms from  In the first instance, sections A-E of the CUREC 1 checklist should be completed.  If Sections D and E of the CUREC 1 checklist direct you to complete a full CUREC 2 application you do not needto complete sections F onwards of CUREC 1, and you should only send the checklist (sections A-D) from CUREC 1 with your CUREC 2 application

In addition, five of the CUREC Approved Procedures have been updated and re-issued as follows:

Please ensure you read, and follow, the new approved procedures, so that any studies you may be carrying out conform to the updated procedure.  For AP25, the latest associated documents must be utilised going forward.

All new documents are live on the CUREC website.