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From mid-June 2018, HR Self-Service will be available from within the University network for all staff with a University contract*.  This will give you:

  • Online access to your current contractual and pay information, e.g. contracted hours, salary, allowances
  • The ability to update some personal details (including contact details, emergency contact)
  • The option to view (and soon, update) your bank details online
  • Online view of your payslips and P60s
  • Access to an online repository of payslips dating back to May 2013 (or your start date if more recent)

Between June and July, the introduction of Manager Self-Service will allow those staff who are designated line managers within the system (as indicated by their department or faculty) to view some information about their team.  They will not be able to see sensitive personal information such as payslips, diversity and bank details.

From mid-2019, following a system upgrade, you will have access to the service from home or while on the move, via any device, 24/7 and the system will have an improved look and feel.  At that point, paper payslips will no longer be provided, other than for staff who are unable to access them online.

Why is HR Self-Service being introduced?

Self-Service will give you visibility of the key data that the University holds about you in its HR Information System - an important requirement of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).   

The move to online payslips next year will save the University approximately £31.5k per year in print costs and will have a positive environmental impact by saving around 25 trees a year. 

Are your details up-to-date?

HR Self-Service will be accessible from the Staff Gateway: You will receive an email to confirm the date the system is available for use.  Once live, please sign in using your SSO (Single Sign-On) credentials and check your details.  If any information is incorrect, please update it yourself (where this facility is available) or contact your local HR administrator. 

For further information please visit or contact your local HR administrator. 

*it is not available to casual workers, contractors or those employed solely by a college