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At its meeting on 14 March 2017 the Medical Sciences Board:

  • agreed to co-opt Professor Richard Hobbs as a member of the Board.
  • received an update on Athena SWAN developments. It was reported that the possibility of clustering departments for the purposes of applications and the development of actions was under active consideration and that guidance on retaining Silver and good practice in research support had been circulated. It was also reported that the deadline for the institutional Athena SWAN application was April and that the application would be for Silver. The draft action plan was currently under discussion.
  • discussed a Social Sciences Division proposal for the introduction of a revised salary review exercise for academic and research staff with a full professorial post or title. Overall the idea of a single pay review exercise was welcomed. It was suggested that such exercises should prima facie take college remuneration and market pay data into account and should occur every two years. Concern was expressed that the continued exclusion of clinical academic staff members from the University’s salary review exercises was unlikely to be sustainable given the changes to and doubtful future of the ACCEA awards scheme. It was suggested that it would be helpful for there to be greater clarity as to whether the exercises were primarily to motivate and reward the successful or for recruitment and retention purposes. It was noted that ACCEA awards were made for five years at a time and required renewal and that there was an argument that university awards should similarly require renewal periodically. It was also noted that there would need to be careful consideration of the eligibility of externally funded staff, some but by no means all of whom were eligible for distinction awards from their funders.
  • received and discussed the report of the meeting of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee held on 3 March 2017. Attention was drawn in particular to the establishment of a working group to develop a proposal for an expansion of the Graduate Entry Medical Course, alongside work to address the recommendations of the review of the course; and to a new process for identifying student number priorities across the University. It was noted that a proposal to increase the overseas undergraduate fee for Biochemistry had been endorsed on behalf of the Board and plans approved for a divisional Teaching Excellence Awards scheme in 2017. Approvals had also been given on behalf of the Board (for submission to Council’s Education Committee) of a proposal for a change of title for the MSc/PG Dip in Experimental Therapeutics; of a proposal to introduce a part-time DPhil/MRes in Psychiatry; and of a proposal to create the title of DPhil in Biomedical Data Science. It was reported that consideration would shortly need to be given to an offer of a modest additional number of medical students (part of an additional 500 being allocated nationally on a formulaic basis) and there was a consultation regarding the remaining 1,000 students.
  • received and discussed the report of the meeting of the Finance and Physical Capital Committee held on 1 March 2017. As regards the Q2 forecast, it was noted that there would be some further discussion at the next meeting in the light of additional information and that there remained issues to resolve about the use of reserves. It was argued that there was a need to convince the central University of the Division’s financial acumen and plans to deal with departmental deficits and the importance of investing in sustainability.
  • received and noted the report of the meeting of the Research and Innovation Committee held on 1 March 2017.
  • received an update on a possible Joint Venture with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

To view the current and past agenda/papers, please contact Dr David Bryan.