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Are you creative and enjoy a challenge? Good at problem-solving? Can you spot a good opportunity, and have the confidence and resilience to go after it? Want to use your research in a different way? If you answered yes to any of these, you already have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Enterprising Oxford logoBut what does “entrepreneurial” actually mean?  If “Dragon’s Den” or “The Apprentice” are the first things you think about when someone mentions “entrepreneurship”, then think again . . . and find out more at Enterprising Oxford. 

Enterprising Oxford is an online map and guide to all things entrepreneurial in Oxfordshire.  You can learn about being enterprising, how to develop a business idea, or where to meet like-minded people.  Start at the beginning, with Entrepreneurship 101, to discover how being entrepreneurial can help with research or employability, or jump in at the deep end to Explore & Build your idea.  Hear confessions and uncover entrepreneurs, raise a glass to successful startups, find creative ways to fund your ideas, and plenty more.  Whether you have an idea, a startup or a well and truly established business, Enterprising Oxford highlights opportunities to develop further or support others.  So check out the events, read about the latest events and news, and tell us what you think!



Twitter: @enterprisingox

Facebook: enterprisingoxford