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Posted on behalf of the Cairns Library

The Cairns Library in the John Radcliffe are currently undertaking a couple of trials and we would be interested to hear reader opinions.

Dual Screen Trial

The Cairns Library at the John Radcliffe is currently undertaking a dual screen trial on one of the Bodleian Reader PCs to see if this would be a useful idea to roll out to further Bodleian Reader PCs in the future and would be interested to hear reader opinions.

This reader PC can be found on the single table near the first round table of Bodleian Reader PCs nearest to the Help Desk

Please have a try and let us know what you think by filling in a comment form and placing it in the comments board. The forms and box can be found on the desk under the ‘You said…..We Did’ board as you come into the library.

Chair Trial

We are currently looking at revamping the comfy seating area in the Cairns Library, and have some chairs that have been lent to us for a short while to try.  

These chairs do need to be returned to the company so please be careful when using them

Again we would like opinions from readers.  Please have a sit in the chairs and let us know what you think, by filling in a form which are on the coffee table by the chairs, or on the glass fronted wooden cabinet and placing it in the black box on the coffee table.