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Promoting your Ideas for Collaboration and Investment: Wed 26 April

Working with other ‘stakeholder’ groups brings many benefits not to mention the potential for funding and good communication is the cornerstone of effective collaboration. In this highly interactive workshop you will be mapping out research communication channels, developing and adapting your message and  communicating your research for a variety of audiences. Sign up at 

Being part of an Effective and Enterprising Team: Wed 3 May

Science and technology are often team efforts – research groups, start-ups and corporate R& D all use teams to move projects forward. Bringing a mixture of talents and personalities together can be extremely fruitful but can also cause friction. Understanding people's team preferences, what motivates a team and some common pitfalls can be very helpful. Note in this course you will establish your personal Belbin team profile as well as the various Belbin team roles and how they work together.

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Innovation & entrepreneurship – bringing Oxford ideas to life: Wed 10 May

A whistle-stop tour of how to be enterprising with your research, where established academics and young researchers share their stories of being innovative and enterprising, Oxford University Innovation explain how to make the most of your work whilst protecting your ideas and CEOs of recent start-ups offer case studies of how to create successful ventures. Ends up with opportunity to network over lunch with several successful Oxford start-ups.

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