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Following a highly successful last call for proposals where multiple projects were presented and accepted for funding, LAB282 is now seeking new innovative proposals for its December round of awards where successful applications will be awarded with project financing of up to £500K.

The current call is now open to all investigators with an interest in drug discovery, translating their novel therapeutic concepts and findings towards a clinical application with the potential to participate in the generation of a new university spinout.

Particular areas of activities include but are not exclusive to the following areas:

  • Hit identification via HTS and phenotypic screening
  • Computational chemistry
  • In vivo POC around the target of interest
  • Medicinal chemistry optimization of existing chemical matter for in vivo studies
  • Proteomics and metabolomics
  • Antibody generation and characterization 

Along with a high rate of funding awards, successful applicants will benefit from an efficient and light-touch application process, a quick feedback process and access to seasoned drug discovery expertise and capabilities of more than 2000 scientists at Evotec. 

The deadline for proposal submission is Friday 2 November 2018. 

Following proposal submission all applicants are invited to hold a presentation around their ideas of approximately 20 minutes to the selection committee held in Oxford on November 28th. Feedback is typically provided one day later.

For further information please consult the LAB282 website or contact Thomas Hanke, Expert in Residence for LAB282 ( ) or Richard Reschen at OUI (